Hiring alert !

Hiring alert !

We hire continuously Commercial Partners to develop the Lr Health and Beauty brand in the world.

If you answer "yes" to the questions below, you have the profile that we looking for :

1-Do you build your life trying to convince others to buy goods or services? Yes / No

2-Working for you or to direct your own business, even as extra money from small business ? yes / no

3-Your work requires elastic competencies : a capacity to traverse the delimitations of positions and functions, to intervene in your specialties and to achieve different diversions and variations of all the length of the day? yes / no

4-Do you work in education or health? yes / no


On the other hand, if you answered NO to all of these questions, ask yourself the following question. Do I want to embark on this business model which combines traditional sales and recommendation, that is to say a kind of Sales Representative without sales, whether it is occasional or full time? Yes or No

If the answer is finally Yes, don't hesitate ... join us as people do every day who decide to take charge of their lives and do something different. Click on this link to see a short video and give us a call at +33964488798 or +33650015923 to proceed with your sponsorship.

You have nothing to lose by trying. In the worst case, you will have learned a new skill in your professional career.

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